Here I list a few resources that are very helpful. Thanks to their creators.


  • StorkeIt, Hand gesture software on Windows platform
  • Evernote, Keep my notes and ideas
  • Everything, search file instantaneously in local file system
  • Listary, similar to Everything, but more powerful
  • Snipaste, snapshot tool
  • 坚果云, 国内还能用的云


  • Flux, adjust monitor color temperature

Browser & Plugins

  • Firefox
    • Adblock, Block Ads
    • LeechBlock, Block you from time-wasting sites
    • FoxyProxy, Switch between different proxies
    • Pocket, Save web pages and read later
    • Xmarks, Synchronize bookmarks between devices
    • Download Them All, Downloader for Firefox
    • Findbar Tweak, Enhanced highlight feature for Firefox
    • Autopager fixed

Data Visualization

  • Qlikview, data visualization tool with associative engive
  • QlikSense, light-weight qlikview, free desktop version
  • QViewer, a quick qvd checker
  • Tableau, leader in data visualization



Python & Data Analysis

  • Pandas, python data structures and data analysis tool
  • Scikit-learn, python machine learning kit
  • PyCharm, python IDE
  • Anaconda, python packages for science, engineering and data analysis

Text Editor